Vitamix is the best blender ever, period! You can buy 3-4 cheap blenders, which will cost you more money and much more nerves while they are breaking. Show real love to your loved ones and yourself, buy the real thing!
Vitamix blender can make anything creamy, even the coarsest of greens. So your smoothies, soups and dressings will be always supreme. Better then in restaurant!
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Here is Jesse’s family blender story:
When we just started getting into blending we were buying cheaper blenders, trying to save some money, but ended up spending even more, almost as much as a price of the good Vitamix blender. Some cheap blenders lasted only a couple of days!

Then, in the beginning of 80-ies we bought our Vitamix 3600+. Amazingly, it is still working well.


We bought the new one only because we wanted something more modern and more powerful. Now we are happy with our new Vitamix 5200 which is still in perfect condition after 2 years of heavy usage – making smoothies and salad dressings 2-3 times a day and nut or seed cheeses every week. It blends up even grass and hardest leaves with any fruit into amazingly creamy smoothie.

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