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Waiting list for the Raw Vegan Cruise 2018 is open

* Get blown away by the beauty of Croatia
* Rejuvenate your body and soul
* Become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself
* Receive the lifestyle knowledge that took decades to learn
* Learn how to make the tastiest healthy food ever
* Make friends for life

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Raw vegan cruise 2017 updates

Raw vegan cruise update: We finally found a better yacht and with a jacuzzi! It’s better on all levels and the cabins are bigger than last yacht We are working on organizing one cruise for August 1st to 8th, 2018 and will have the website updated by the 31st of October or sooner, stay tuned, thank you. We will be getting to all the previous messages as soon as we have an full update for you, thank you for understanding and for your patience.



Our August 2017 cruise is fully booked. Waiting list for the Raw Vegan Cruise 2018 is open.

Our June, 2017 cruise fully booked, and was a complete success :). Thank you to everyone who came and made our June cruise a special experience! So many beautiful people!

You can follow our updates with pictures on FB: Raw Vegan Cruise and The Whole Lifestyle

You are also welcome to pay in US dollars if you wish. Prices in dollars are available in the booking form.

PS: Our raw vegan cruise is meant not only for vegans or raw vegans, but for anybody who would like to enjoy a super healthy and relaxing vacation, while cleansing, rejuvenating and restoring the body and soul.

Quick raw vegan cruise overview

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    Mediterranean, Adriatic sea, Croatia.

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    1st to the 8th of August, 2018.

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    Kickstart or boost your raw vegan journey, while having a transformational experience.

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    One of the most beautiful places on the planet – the Mediterranean sea and it’s coastline.

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    Fresh, local, organic raw vegan food prepared right on board.

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    Restore and rejuvenate

    your body and soul.

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    Enjoy daily yoga, swimming in the warm, turquoise water and mind empowering workshops.

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    Learn from real raw vegan pioneers Jesse and Reny.

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    the most transformational and luxurious vacation ever on the only raw vegan cruise in the world!

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Raw vegan cruise route in August 2018

Raw vegan cruise 2018 route

Split – Pučišća – Bol – Stari Grad – Hvar – Vis – Šolta – Trogir – Split


Day one

On the 1st of August 2018 – the first day of our raw vegan cruise we will be welcoming you on board with a drink and a snack from 10:30 am to 12 am. We depart Split Harbour at 1pm.

Our first destination is Pučišća. This beautiful place arose from stone in a deep cove on the north of Brač. Nicely built stone houses with paved white roofs give the place its charm. Pučišća has always been known for its culture of stone masonry. The harmony and homogeneousness of the plebeian houses, the Renaissance palaces and Baroque buildings made from the white stone of Brač leave every visitor breathless. This tradition of stone masonry is continued in Stone Mason School in Pučišća. The School exhibits are very popular among tourists. Cultural manifestations such as Summer of Culture, International Summer School of Music and Brač Summer Music Festival together with the serenity of the place will make a summer here an unforgettable experience.

Day two

Bol with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Zlatni rat (the Golden Horn Beach) that came to be due to the effect of the specific sea currents.

The beach has the shape of a swan’s neck and it stretches as far as 500m at the right angle into the sea. It is an amazing beach because it constantly changes its shape, position and length. These features depend on the wind direction and influence of the sea currents which constantly reshape the beach.

Bol has been the holidaymaking champion of Croatia for many years now. This prestigious title was earned through the efforts to ensure a near environment and plenty of fun to its visitors, together with the many natural and cultural sights it boasts. Bol is situated on the sparsely-populated southern side of Brač, a place of untouched nature, the remains of hermitic enclaves, beaches of delicate shingles.

Day 3

Stari Grad (Pharos) is the oldest town in Croatia. The same year – 384 b.c. when greek philoshoper Aristotel was born in Trakia, the greeks from the island of Paros in Agean sea have settled the town on the island of Hvar, and named it Pharos.

Stari Grad (eng. “old town”) is historical heart of the island of Hvar. The town is situated in a landscape where the blue of the deep bay touches the green of the wide an famous field of Pharos, with vineyards and olive-groves. The fields used to provide sustenance and the bay provided protection.
Today, both the fields and the bay add an attractive quality to the island, in which the modern vacation sights have become intertwined with the antiquities of the town and of the island.

Day 4

On day four of our raw vegan cruise we will sail towards Hvar island and the town of the same name. Relax in the Croatian sunshine or take a dip into the refreshing Adriatic at our mid-morning swim stop before lunch is served on board.

After lunch we continue onto Hvar island. Hvar is the most beautiful and the nicest smelling island in the world! Every year, the most prestigious tourist magazines enlist this island among 10 most captivating islands in the world, and if we may add, it is also one of the most fragrant islands in the world too, due to its vast lavender fields that are used to produce exquisite essential oils.

Town of Hvar still remains authentic to it’s roots with cobbled streets and historic architecture. The 7th century fort overlooking the town is a must-see for breathtaking views. We will take you for a walk around Hvar to see the Renaissance cathedral with its original tower, as well as the oldest community theater in Europe, which dates back to 1612.

Day five of our raw vegan cruise

Vis is the farthest inhabited island off the Croatian mainland. It’s a very small and sleepy island with allure of a Bond-villain hideout.

Vis is filled with historical heritage. Greek and Roman mosaics are in the undergrowth as well as a museum in Kut; Venetian houses make Komiža postcard-pretty; and forts built by the Austrians and the British crumble among the pines. And, like Capri, only without all the tourists, it has a wild interior, rising to Mount Huma, a playground for activities and adventures, and the coast is scalloped by tiny bays. Stiniva in the south of Vis island is one of the loveliest in the Mediterranean.

You will be delighted with the heavenly untouched nature, the turquoise glimmer of its hidden caverns and the volcanic islets of its archipelago.

Day six

Šolta belongs to the middle Dalmatian islands. It lies in the central part of the Adriatic Sea, near its eastern coast. It’s surrounded by christal clear sea and enriched by numorous pebble beaches not busy with bathers.

This lovely, wooded island (59 sq km) is a popular getaway for Split inhabitants escaping the sultry summer heat. The island’s main entry point is Rogač, where ferries from Split tie up on the edge of a large bay. A shady path leads around the bay to smaller coves with rocky beaches, and a small road leads uphill to the island’s administrative centre of Grohote, with a market and shops. Maslinica is the island’s prettiest settlement, with seven islets offshore, a handful of restaurants, a luxurious heritage hotel and a good choice of private accommodation. Another gorgeous village is Stomorska, with its pretty sheltered harbour popular with yachters.

Day seven

As your walk takes you along the Trogir Riviera, a succession of coastal towns springs up, the promises of an idyllic holiday. Soon, the jewel of UNESCO’s world heritage list – the Old Town of Trogir.

Aside from families of holidaymakers, the Trogir Riviera, with its four marinas, is a major site for yachhters, who will take pleasure exploring the surrounding archipelago.

Day 8 – the last day of our raw vegan cruise 2018

Embrace your last morning cruising the Dalmatian coast as we make our way back to Split. On our way from Trogir to Split we will stop for a while in front of Omis, town of heroes, pirates and vicious cannibals Lestrigons who almost ate the courageous Greek hero Odysseus. The imposing mountains coastline embraced by the sea and the river of Cetina make a unique natural embellishment to this peculiar town. Striking  views from the sea are truly spectacular experience so prepare your cameras!

Enjoy your final swim stop in secluded bays just outside of Split and then take in this spectacular city as we cruise into Split harbor in the afternoon. The city of the Roman emperor Diocletian-today’s city center revolves around his palace. It is a city of incredible life energy and due to its favorable natural conditions, one of the most pleasant cities to live in, not only in Croatia but also in the whole world. Split is a home town of many renowned athletes whose successes can probably be partly explained by the famous stubbornness of the people in Split who don’t let anyone beat them so easily. Split is situated at the very center of the Dalmatian coast (Dalmatia = south of Croatia).

It is the biggest town in Dalmatia and second largest in whole of Croatia. It is indeed a remarkable city bursting with vital life energy, which was also recognized by the Roman emperor Diocletian who decided to build his famous palace precisely on these grounds. Visiting a legendary town beach Bacvice where the swimming season lasts all year long and where people often engage in a unique sports activity locally known as picigin. Visiting the nearby Marjan slopes; also referred to as the ‘lungs of the city’ because of their beautiful pine forest. Marjan offers a wonderful view of the city and its surroundings so don’t forget your cameras. Farewell dinner. Overnight in the port of Split.

Cozy and luxurious cabins

VIP cabin has one double bed, air conditioning, private bathroom, LCD TV, WiFi and safe. VIP cabin is on the main deck and can be turned into twin or double cabin by moving beds together or apart.

Raw vegan cruise VIP cabin

Double cabin has one double bed, air conditioning, private bathroom, LCD TV, WiFi and safe. All cabins can be turned into twin or double cabins by moving beds together or apart.

Raw vegan cruise main deck cabin

Twin cabin has two single beds, air conditioning, private bathroom, LCD TV, WiFi and safe. All cabins can be turned into twin or double cabins by moving beds together or apart.

Raw vegan cruise below deck cabin

All the cabins have their own private bathrooms. On the picture is a below deck cabin bathroom.

Raw vegan cruise VIP bathroom

Luxurious raw vegan cruise yacht

Our raw vegan cruise yacht has cozy cabins, a spacious inside and outside dining rooms, lounge space, comfortable sundecks with a mini pool and WiFi. Yacht size – 47 x 9 meters. Sun deck 250 m2.

Our team

Jesse Bogdanovich

Raw vegan pioneer, keynote lecturer, author and lifestyle coach

Raw Reny

Raw vegan enthusiast, chef, author, designer and yoga instructor

Ruza Bogdanovich

Natural doctor, author, iridiologist, reflexologist and lecturer

Our special

Darko Juric is a raw gourmet chef and a restaurant owner

Our keynote speaker Jesse

Jesse Bogdanovich is a raw vegan pioneer and world-renowned expert in healthy raw nutrition and lifestyle.

Jesse went 100% raw vegan overnight, more than 19 years ago and cured himself of paralyses, juvenile diabetes, lymph congestion, among other domino effect health issues that were caused by a polio vaccine. It turned him from a healthy baby into a very sick one that led to many years of disability and ill health. At an early age of 11 Jesse was introduced to water fasting that saved his life, but only when he discovered the raw vegan diet at 21 years old, did he became very healthy and truly happy.

With many years of experience in supporting people with overcoming physical and emotional health challenges of all kinds, including very serious ones, has made Jesse an natural health adviser. Jesse has been personally studying with the biggest raw vegan leaders and intuitively developed his own path to ultimate health and happiness.

Read Jesse’s full healing story here:

Jesse will be giving lectures on health, raw vegan food, emotions, happiness and overall lifestyle design.

Yoga instructor and raw chef Reny

Reny is a sparkling health and fitness enthusiast. She was engaged in sports since early childhood and holds the master’s degree in graphical design. She began her raw vegan journey in spring 2005 and has been raw vegan for the last 10 years. Reny practiced magical passes – an ancient shamanistic exercises for balancing the energy since 1995.

She also studied NLP, classical massage, dancing, yoga and martial arts. Reny is a co-author of an award winning raw vegan recipe book “Simply Vibrant Recipes”. She has been a host and mentor of an online raw vegan support group for over a year and created a whole year worth of monthly raw vegan menu planners with recipes.

Reny will talk to you about her experiences with raw vegan nutrition, raw lifestyle challenges and solutions. She might also give you a food preparation class and show you a few self-help techniques she has been using for years, like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), different kinds of meditation, Tibetan breathing techniques and just talking through your issues and finding solutions together.

Reny will be giving you gentle yoga sessions every morning and will make some of her most favorite and delicious recipes.

Iridology expert – Dr Ruza

Dr Ruza Bogdanovich, ND, PhD Author of the “Cure Is In The Cause” and “Love Your Pet, Let Nature Be The Vet” books. I learn a lot in different Colleges, even though some things I had to un learn later. Most I learned from the mistakes that I made in my every day life. My biggest teachers are the real experience in life with sick people that wanted to live because they had a purpose . I was very interested in a way of healing naturally from my many mentors, wise people that new how to cure people Naturally. Last but not least, two most valuable teachers in my life are my sons, Jesse and Sean. Because of their suffering I am still here helping others get well. It all started 38 Years ago when my son Jesse got paralyzed from a polio vaccine. I could not bare his pain.

I changed my career became a naturopathic doctor In search to help him get well. Along the way I also helped many people, children and animals. I realized deep in my soul that there is no such a thing as Incurable disease, only incurable people that do not oblige or stay close to Nature and her immutable laws and wisdom. When Jesse got well, he asked me to promise him that I will never charge for kids, because they are the innocent ones and that no one will be able to stop us by helping them back to Nature. After he started walking and was cured from polio, we have ben working endlessly all over the world with kids with incredible results. We discovered that a raw food diet will help cure any degenerative disease, as well as many other health problems along the way. I learned so much from Jesse, my Angel. He taught me that we can live without disease, by obliging to Natures laws, and that the cure is always in removing the true cause. Life was awesome for us.

Then the unimaginable happened with our son Sean when he transcended at the age of 28 do to hypothermia. It was unbearable to say the least . Three months later, and in the nick of time, he woke me up to remind me about the conversation we had when he was 4 years old. One night, while I was tucking him in for the night he asked me where was he before he came to us and before he was born, before all the facts; tummy, sperm and all the rest. I remembered it instantly, telling him that he was and always will be in everything – energy, flower, rain, bird, songs, sunshine, wind, universe – consciousness. He felt safe and secure in my arms and we fell asleep. Little did I know that 24 years later from that intimate talk he would wake me up to tell me this: “Mama remember that time when I was little… please do not cry and suffer any more, I am still here in everything and always will be together with you, Jesse and Daddy. We are all One and everything – energy. Please tell everyone that we never die and all the sorrow and suffering will stop now. Death does not exist, only love Mama”. Yes, I promised Sean that I will do my very best to get his wisdom out.

We can change the suffering by knowing the truth of who we are. What lessons in Life did I learn the hardest way, the most profound truth. Paradoxically from Jesse I learned that we can live by being one with nature, and from Sean, I have learned that we never die. My purpose in life has been to help people see the truth, pure truth so we can all be free of disease, fear and suffering, just like Jesse and Sean are teaching us. Love Is the ultimate answer. Thank you, Ruza Bogdanovich

Our special guest – raw food chef Darko

Darko is raw food chef, writer, and holistic life style and culinary consultant and educator. He has been vegetarian for 30 years and raw vegan for the last 10 years. After working many years in upscale New York and Los Angeles restaurants he opened a raw food restaurant called Elixir in Zagreb, one of the first in Europe.

Darko has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows on the subject of health and food. He is partner and a leader in project ‟Art of Raw‟ a concept that unifies products, education, book publishing, consulting and hospitality all based on understanding nature and sustainable and holistic life style.

Darko graduated with a masters degree in acupuncture and botanical medicine from the top ranked Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, California. He is also a graduate of the American Health Science University, Colorado, Vermont College at Norwich University, and a Certified Nutrition Specialist with advanced training in Live Blood Cell Analysis.

Raw vegan cruise holistic wellbeing program

7:00- 8:00 am – Yoga and meditation.

8:30-9:30 am – Breakfast.

9:30-11:00 am – Free time.

11:00 am-12:30 pm – Lecture.

12:30-13:30 pm – Lunch.

1:30-5:00 pm – Sightseeing and free time.

5:00-6:00 pm – Yoga

6:00-6:30 pm – Food making demo or short lecture.

6:30-7:30 pm – Dinner.

7:30-9:00 pm – Visiting or educational and spiritual movies or evening stroll around town or free time.

9:00 pm – Quiet time/sleep time.

We will practice yoga and meditation early in the morning and in case of demand also before dinner.
A daily workshop/lecture with a raw vegan expert of 18 years, Jesse Bogdanovich.
30 min free massage, plus more for additional cost
We will stop for swimming pause every day.
We will give you a few classes on raw vegan food preparation.

Fresh food on our raw vegan cruise

We offer raw vegan food made on board with fresh, organic, mostly local produce in season.

In June we have early figs, watermelons, plums, apricots, peaches, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and many other fruits. We also have abundance of fresh garden greens and most veggies.

In August we have late figs, melons, watermelons, peaches, nectarines, berries, early grapes, pears, apples and almost any other South European fruits, greens and veggies you might think of.

We will also have some organic tropical fruits, like mangoes, bananas, avocados, etc.

Our special guest – raw food chef Darko Jurić

If you are willing to taste new, colorful, delicious and playful culinary creations bound to tantalize the palates of the most demanding gourmets, we have just the thing for you! Croatia’s best and most prominent chef of raw food, Darko Jurić, awaits you to fall in love with his refined delicacies and recipes based on high quality, raw vegan organic ingredients. Darko is truly an artist of raw!

You can read more about Darko here.

Raw vegan recipe book author Happy Raw Reny

Reny is a designer and author of two raw vegan recipe books, including award-winning “Simply Vibrant Recipes”, co-created with Jesse Bogdanovich. She loves to prepare colorful, homie looking, mouth watering and filling raw vegan meals. Reny has been raw vegan since 2007, was leading several online raw vegan groups and lifestyle programs.

Reny will prepare a few meals for lunch, including hearty savory dishes, colorful smoothie bowls and sweet fruity deserts.


“Just back from the cruise… feeling great!!!!”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful organisation, delicious and healthy food, balancing yoga classes and very interesting lectures on nutrition.

Sharing experience with the other guests on board, all such nice persons, was also very enriching. My sister and I enjoyed a lot the beautiful Roman and Venetian architecture that we could admire along the coast and visit each day.

Last but not least, we’re very grateful to Mother Nature for the breathtaking landscapes and crystal-clear sea in which we could happily swim twice a day!

Already signed up for next year…!!!”


“The Raw Vegan Cruise for me was not just a holiday, but turned out to be a life changing experience. “

“Jesse, Reny and Ruza were some of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met. I learned a lot about raw food and it’s benefits for the body, mind and spirit. The food was great!

There was a diversity of fellow travelers of which some I have continued building friendships with. We had lots of laughs and fun. Set in some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet made this combined with everything else a truly spiritual experience.”

“My husband and I had an amazing time.”

“Beautifully healthy raw vegan food and daily yoga resulted in a post-holiday abundance of energy and vitality – the opposite of how you normally feel after eating all the wrong foods away from home! Added to that the yacht was beautiful, Jesse and the team so lovely and Croatia stunning. An ideal vacation. Namaste, x”

“I have been whole-foods vegan for a while now and was looking into more information on the most health promoting and environment preserving lifestyle out there.”

“I got the perfect sign that I should give raw veganism a try in the form of the perfect holiday plan from Jesse’s page. This cruise was mind blowing, perfect relaxing holiday with incredible people, top notch organic local food, and the perfect wellness package. The coast of Croatia is so beautiful! I got back home relaxed and feeling my best in a long time. I definitely recommend it to anyone!”

“This raw vegan cruise was so much better than I could ever imagine!”

“Jesse, Reny and the whole team were wonderful! The whole group of people felt like a family already after one day. Croatia is beautiful, the sea was warm, the food was good, the yoga was great and so were the lectures. What more can I say? See you next time? Thank you Jesse and Reny, for making this happen! Thank you for all the new friends we made during this amazing trip! Lots of Love!”

“The cruise was very relaxing and a great learning experience.”

“The food was innovative and back to nature. Getting up to yoga with the sun shining was a great start to the day. Croatia and its people collectively make a great destination.”

“Thanks for this amazing cruise.”

“Rest and regeneration guaranteed: relaxation, sunbaths, kindness of the team, massages, delicious meals and gorgeous landscapes. I recommend this cruise as a good start for transitioning towards a healthy lifestyle. Can’t wait till the next one in 2017. Update: I am mostly raw now, thanks to you! I also lost around 10kg and my feeling of smell and taste is improving at a good pace.
Hugs and kisses!”

“What can I say Jesse, the week I had with you all on your raw vegan cruise was absolutely amazing!”

“I fell in love with your country. I came home feeling the best I have ever felt, so fit, well and so full of great ideas!

God bless you, Jesse X”

“Although I am not a vegetarian, vegan or indeed a raw vegan, this holiday had so much to offer.”

“I would encourage anyone, regardless of age to experience a Raw Vegan Cruise. Croatia is a beautiful country and well worth visiting. Everyone involved with getting the first raw vegan cruise up and running were so friendly and enthusiastic. The lectures certainly gave you “food for thought”, so much so that since returning home I have taken up yoga and juice on a regular basis. I now eat very little red meat and can’t say that I miss it. I eat large bowls of wonderful mixed salads and lots of fruit. I am eating far more healthily as a result of this cruise. I would certainly recommend this holiday. ”

“Unforgettable moments and a 5 star experience.”

“I love collecting great memories and this experience has added something to my collection. Jesse Bogdanovich and his team deliver awesome service, the best raw-vegan food and lots of intimate tours, but it is the love and care he puts into every guest as if that person was a favorite family member; it is truly unique and special because he is the real deal. After an amazing week it took hours to say goodbye to the other guests with tears in our eyes and an ache in our hearts from the connections we made and will miss. This was one of the most beautiful and pristine places in the world and I highly recommend taking this trip only with Jesse and The Whole Lifestyle team.”

The very first raw vegan cruise video testimonials 2016

Questions and answers

Our cruise cost depends on the cabin you choose and how may people come with you. You can see our prices below.
Our cruise departs from Croatia, from the Split harbor (called the Split Riva).
To come to our cruise you will need to fly or take a bus/train/car to Split, Croatia. From the Split airport you will need to take a 45 minute to 1hr hour bus ride or taxi, to the seaside in the center of Split. We will give you more instructions on how to come after you book your stay.
Your cruise includes:

  • Cruising along the beautiful Croatian coastline on our luxurious yacht (7 nights).
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner. (From fresh, mostly organic and local ingredients).
  • Snacks: fresh and dried fruit, nuts and small desserts.
  • Drinks: spring water and herbal teas (optional).
  • One 30 minute massage for each guest. Additional massage appointments will be available for additional price.
  • Sunrise yoga and swimming.
  • Optional personal consultation 30 minutes a day.
  • Room service.
  • Free Wi­Fi on board.
Price does not include:

  • Your flight to Croatia
  • Accommodation before and after the cruise
  • Transport from the airport to the ferry port and transport from the ferry port to the airport.
  • Additional Massage: Each guest has one 30 min massage included in price. Additional massage appointments will be available for additional price.
The main differences between a main deck and below deck cabin are, the price, windows and entrance. They are just about the same size. Main deck cabins have a larger window, which is openable, and the entrance door to the cabin opens right onto the main deck. Below deck cabins have a porthole (small circular window), witch is not openable. The cabins are accessible through a corridor leading down a set of stairs to the cabins door.
Getting seasick is really, really rare. Last year out off all our guests we had, only one got slightly seasick for a few minutes. Our boat is big and doesn’t get affected like little boats. We are traveling only for 3 to 6 hours in a day, along the cost and only during day light. We will be always docked during the night. Also, the weather is usually very calm during the summer months in Croatia.
Yes, absolutely! We can put you in a twin cabin with two beds with another same gender person, or you can book the whole cabin to yourself for 150% of the price.


  • You are also welcome to pay in dollars. Prices in dollars are available in the booking form.
  • We are offering a 3 payment plan, and a 33.33% deposit gets your spot reserved ( only for the August cruise ).
  • The minimum age of a guest on our June cruise is 13 years of age.
  • Our August cruise is kid friendly – no age limits.
  • The price for kids under 13 years of age is 60% of the normal price.
  • Babies and kids up to 5 years old are free.
  • Your flight to Croatia
  • Accommodation before and after the cruise
  • Transport from the airport to the ferry port and transport from the ferry port to the airport
  • Additional Massage: Each guest has one 30 min massage included in the price. Additional massage appointments will be available for an additional price.
We use a standard cancellation policy, used by most cruise companies:

If you cancel up to 90 days before the departure, we will keep a 30% of the total price.
Between 90 and 76 days – 40%
Between 75 and 51 days – 50%
Between 50 and 31 days – 60%
Between 30 and 16 days – 80%
Between 15 and 0 days – 100%

Prices for double and twin cabins

You are welcome to come alone and share a cabin with another guest. We will do our best to find a perfect match, definitely same gender.

Below deck cabin

2200 €

Per person
Early bird 300€ off!

Regular price 2,500€

  • Double bed or
    two single beds
  • Raw vegan meals and snacks
  • Spring water, juices
    and herbal teas
  • Lectures and food demos
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Personal consultation
    30 minutes a day
  • 30 min massage
  • Iridology session
  • Room service
  • Wi­Fi on board
Book your spot

Main deck cabin

2600 €

Per person
Early bird 300€ off!

Regular price 2,900€

  • Double bed or
    two single beds
  • Raw vegan meals and snacks
  • Spring water, juices
    and herbal teas
  • Lectures and food demos
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Personal consultation
    30 minutes a day
  • 30 min massage
  • Iridology session
  • Room service
  • Wi­Fi on board
Book your spot

VIP cabin

3100 €

Per person
Early bird 300€ off!

Regular price 3,400€

  • Double bed or two single beds
  • Raw vegan meals and snacks
  • Spring water, juices
    and herbal teas
  • Lectures and food demos
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Personal consultation
    30 minutes a day
  • 30 min massage
  • Iridology session
  • Room service
  • Wi­Fi on board
Book your spot

2018 cruise waiting list

We will only be able to organize the Raw Vegan Cruise in the summer of 2018 if we get enough people to join our waiting list before the end of November 2017. If you are interested, please reserve your spot below. We will ask you to send a deposit. In case we don't get enough people to join us by the end of November, we will send your full deposit back.

Choose your preferred cruise:

Would you agree to send us a $800 deposit right away?

As soon as you click the "Book your spot" button below, please check all your e-mail folders for an instant confirmation email from us and reply to it to make sure that you receive our manual replay later, thank you! We will get in touch with you in September.

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